Your Horseback Adventure Awaits

You would be hard pressed to find someone with more real world horseback adventure experience than the Blakeneys, your hosts at Snowycreek Outfitters. They have spent most of their lives living and traveling with their horses in some of this countries most rugged and remote environments. From deep in the Appalachian hollers of West Virginia to the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming or the summit of Mount Washington to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This family has been there and done that whith their own horses on their own adventures. Now they are working to bring you a taste of what it’s like to mount up and ride off into the sunset.

Thru-Riders: Jason, Heather, and JC traveling along the Arizona Trail from Mexico

All of our rides are private and by reservation only. Every ride is unique to your parties ability, size, and sense of adventure.

Out riding in the Cold River Valley, NH