What About Horseback and Wagon Rides?

You advertise horseback rides and wagon rides but I can’t find anything on your website. Whats up?

This is true last year we began advertising that we would be offering horseback and wagon rides at our farm in Brownfield, ME just a short 15min drive from Conway, NH. Unfortunately we were unable to satisfy the requirements needed to acquire an appropriate insurance policy for these activities. We proceeded in advertising based on misinformation that acquiring the insurance would be no problem. This turned out to be falls, and we were unable to proceed with offering horseback rides in 2014.

We now have appropriate insurance to offer wagon rides for 2015 and will be updating this site with more information on our wagon rides coming this spring. Please stop by this site again as we get into the spring of 2015 for updates on what we will be offering.

We are a small outfit with a limited number of horses, it was our goal to offer very personalized horseback rides to our customers. Our intention was to offer unique and tailored horseback riding adventures to our customers. There are several places in the valley that offer one hour walk only, nose to tail rides. It was our goal to be able to offer more personalized rides based on our customers skills and abilities. Things like more extensive rides of 2 or more hours, trotting and loping, river crossings and mountain trails. Unfortunately do to the cost involved with offering such a high liability and risk activity such as horseback riding we have found it to be economically prohibitive to us offering this activity at this time. We would have had to charge our customers a ridiculous price to cover the cost of offering such a high risk activity to a low volume of costumers. We decided to focus for now on what we could provide to our customers at a reasonable cost, and that is the horse drawn vehicle rides (sleigh and wagon rides). It is our desire to be able to offer horseback riding adventures that are tuned to each customers skills and desire. We are continuing to look into ways for us to offer such custom horseback rides while still being affordable for us and our customers.

Thank You For Understanding

Your Hosts at Snowycreek Outfitters LLC
Jason, Stephanie, and Heather