Lessons and Testing

Our rides can be challenging especially for some riders with little or no experience riding outside an arena or closed space. So we need to make sure everyone is up for the challenge

First: Take a deep breath! Don’t get nervous! We want you to come out and join us on our rides. All our lessons and testing are to make sure you understand how to communicate with your mount and feel confident and comfortable out on the trail.


All of our rides start out in our arena. And all our rides have a lesson and testing time before heading out on the trail. This is to ensure that all riders are familiar with how to communicate with their horse, allows riders to get comfortable with their horse, and allows the wranglers to plan the ride accordingly after evaluating all riders abilities and confidence.

What we are looking for when we test a rider for our rides:

  • Confidence in the rider

  • An understanding of how to communicate with their horse (move forward, change gates, change direction, stop, backup)

  • Remain seated, balanced, and in control while riding at a walk, trot, and canter

  • Control their horse independently of what other horses and riders  may be doing

After testing, if our wranglers have concerns that an individuals abilities are not adequate for a particular ride and they feel a short lesson with the individual may resolve their concern, they will do this in the arena and then retest before heading out on the trail. If the rider is still unable to satisfy the wranglers concern or the wrangler thinks a short lesson will not be adequate then the rider can not participate in the ride.

Suggestions for All Riderstrick rider

  • Relax! We want you to come out and join us on our rides. Our Wranglers really want to take you out on the trails.
  • Take a Lesson With Us:
  • Take a lesson were you live before coming for one of our rides.
  • Call or email us about any concerns or questions you may have about our rides, testing, and/or lessons.

If you have any concern that you may not have the skills necessary to pass a preride test or you were not able to pass one of our preride tests then please come take a lesson. You can schedule a lesson prior to the day you would like to come out for one of our rides. We offer 1/2hr private or 1hr group lessons to anyone scheduled to come out on one of our rides for FREE. We only ask that you consider a gratuity for the wrangler who will be working with you. If a longer lesson is needed to get your skills were they need to be to satisfy our preride testing requirements we can offer more lesson time for a fee (see Lesson Rates below).

Lesson Prices:

For those scheduled to participate in one of our rides or failed a preride test

  • 1/2 hour private or 1 hour group lesson   = FREE
  • additional 1/2hr private    = $30
  • additional 1/2hr group       = $20/per rider