Rules and Regulations

wantedIn order to limit some of the risks involved with horseback riding and equine related activities Snowycreek Outfitters LLC enforces certain rules and regulations for all participants. We highly recommend you review the rules and regulations on this page. Our waivers and release forms are also linked to on this page we encourage you to look this over as well. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us.

 But first – Horseback Riding is DANGEROUS! – In a recent study of outdoor sports it was found to be the #1 dangerous sport. With more deaths per participant hours than any other sport studied! That is why we take our rules and regulations, and the safety of our guest seriously.

  •  Any rider at anytime may be prohibited from participating in any ride if deemed a danger to themselves or others for any reason by any of our Wranglers!

  • All riders must wear helmets at all times

  • All riders must be 12 years  old or older

  • No smoking on Snowycreek Outfitters LLC property

  • No alchohol on Snowycreek Outfitters LLC property (anyone appearing or assumed to be intoxicated will not be permitted on rides)

  • No illegal substance on Snowycreek Outfitters LLC property (anyone we suspect of being under the influence of such substance will not be permitted on rides)

  • All riders must were long pants, and shirts with sleeves (long sleeves recommended), and clothing must be fitting to the body not loose and/or baggy

  • All riders must were closed toe shoes (no flip-flops, sandles, ext)

  • We do have a weight limit of 240lb

  • All riders must participate in the pre-ride lessons and tests before going out on the trail

Links to our Liability Waivers will be coming soon!