Wagon Rides

We are currently offering our campfire rides through the spring season

Sunday-Friday in the evenings from 5-7pm, by RESERVATION ONLY.

Only $15 per person (for a party of 4 or more)

5 & under are FREE

All wagon rides have a minimum of $60, see below for more info.

Fireside Sleigh Rides

When you arrive we will have hot chocolate and cider available for you. Once everyone is loaded on the wagon we head out down an old farm road through the woods. As the leaves are not out on the trees yet we will enjoy some views of the local hills and mountains as we go. Because of our rides location and environment the chances of seeing wildlife and/or wildlife sign (tracks and such) is very possible. We have everything from squirrels to moose and foxes to black bears that live in the forest and hills around our homestead. Instead of just making a loop and returning to a parking lot, at our homestead our rides take you out to a campfire. We will get the fire going and roast some marshmallows (which we provide) or items you may want to bring. It is not uncommon for folks to bring out some hotdogs and fixings and such and have lunch or dinner out by the fire. After spending time by the fire we load up on the wagon and head back out to the parking area.

campfireSome things to keep in mind during the spring season are:    These rides tend to take up more time than you may figure because of the logistics of our ride and campfire, plan on being at our place for at least an hour to an hour and a half, or more. We are out in the wilds on these rides. At this time as we are still getting things set up for summer, bathroom facilities are the forest. So we like to tell folks to plan ahead accordingly before coming especially if they have little ones and/or are hesitant about using the great outdoors as their toilet. As we also teach wilderness living and homesteading skills here at the homestead, questions about the outdoors are more than welcome and even encouraged. We try to share what we can in the time we have on our rides to those interested in such things.

Rides may not always be available during the spring season due to mud and trail conditions.

 All our wagon rides have a minimum charge of $60. If your party is less than 4 people and you are the only party scheduled for the ride your cost will be $60. We make every effort to group parties of less than 4 people together with other parties so your cost is only $15 per person. But if this not possible the minimum cost for all wagon rides is $60.

Evening Dinner Rides Coming Soon!